Last weekend we escaped to Cornwall to celebrate my birthday. I have never been ( I know! How is that possible !?) so I was over the moon to explore one of the most beautiful parts of England. Weeks before we even booked our cottage, Andrew started mentioning this so called Eden Project: “we must visit it!” , “it’s so amazing!” blah blah blah. I must admit, in my mind, we were gonna spend the day in a botanical garden, a bit similar to the ones we used to visit during a school trip where you had to stop and read the story of every single plant and pretend that you are interested (I know, you must be wondering what kind of school trips did I go to!). Anyway, his enthusiasm was contagious, so I had to play along and when the day came, I put on a big smile and started asking all sort or questions because I knew he would love to show off all the research he’s done on this Eden Project. I must admit, the more we spoke, the more intrigued I became and as soon as we pulled up in a busy car park, I was actually a little bit excited. I’m gonna make this long story very short and just say that I am somebody who is not huge plant lover, but the Eden Project has impressed me like nothing before! I almost cried with joy because the beauty of the place was simply overwhelming. The images I captured are just a glimpse of one of the most amazing creations in the UK, and if you haven’t already, you MUST plan a visit soon!


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