After long hours in labour, gentle cuddles in the hospital bed with a tiny human who used to live inside you only minutes ago and a fabulous slice of toast later you are home. And there’s suddenly  not just you and your partner. There is new life and you are not quite sure what to do next as nothing has prepared you for the challenge to come.

Becoming a mum is terrifying and superb at the same time. Regardless of your birth experience, the first few weeks are probably going to be a bit of a blur and you just won’t be able to remember all those details of your most precious newborn bubble.

Please make some time and put your phone or camera to work!


It’s ok if you don’t want to hire a professional  photographer to do it. But trust me, you will regret not having some gorgeous photos to look back to in the years to come. So here are some tips for you to follow in order to produce some top images with your tiny human.

Pay attention to the light.

This is going to make or break your photo. Pick the room with the most light coming through the windows and make sure you are not casting a shadow over the baby when shooting. Take your time with deciding where to place her. Look around the house during different times of the day and just hold your hand up to understand exactly where is the light coming from.



Invest in some pretty swaddles or blankets.

Make a trip to TK Maxx or M&S and get a few nice blankets and baby swaddles. Don’t over do it! Keep it simple, but mix some cute textures or patterns together. Think about purchasing some timeless pieces, something that you love, but also won’t go out of fashion in a few years time. Always remember that less is more. If you want to just shoot the little bundle of joy on some plain white sheets, that is perfectly fine! Be original and stick to what you believe looks beautiful.


Use simple poses.

ALWAYS remember that safety comes first! Newborn shoots are recommended to take place withing the first two weeks of a babies life, so your little one will be used to being snug. Swaddling is always a great idea because it will make them feel safe. So once you have her wrapped up tight, you are good to go. Keep her on a straight but soft surface and slowly change the way you cover her (so maybe you will start with a full swaddle and then go to legs out, hands out, all body just loosely covered etc.)  I remember when I had my little one, I had NO clue what a swaddle even was! There are some great tutorials on YouTube for those of us who are not naturals at this whole newborn handling business.

Listen to your baby.

Don’t ever try to shoot if they are becoming too distressed. Try to do it after a feed when they are drowsy or even asleep. Don’t push it if you see that they are not happy, but give lots of cuddles instead and wait for the next opportunity to come up. I will tell you a secret. When Mark was only a few weeks old I got an app called ‘Sound Sleeper’ which has been my saviour many times when we struggled with his sleep. The Hoover also works, but that can be a little loud sometimes.

Think outside the box.

It is so important to create something that you love and something that represents your personality and style. Create a little Pinterest board to understand better what your definition of beauty is. Look at other peoples work and find inspiration there. Take a step back and observe your home and find the beauty in the little things.



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