Don’t worry. I am not going to start talking about the challenges this year has brought, or about how it’s all worth it because a baby changes your life in the best possible way.


I just wanted to share a few cute photos from Mark’s first birthday and highlight a few superpowers I have developed while being a mum/house-keeper/retail worker and photographer.

  1. Super speed. I remember those days when I had time to sometimes sit down and watch Netflix. Well now, I get two hours (while Mark naps) per day when I have to not only shower and try to make myself look presentable, but also sort out the whole house (although well, once he’s awake, he will mess it all up again).
  2. Multitasking (of course that’s in my blood, I’m a woman ! ) but with ONE hand ! bday-1
  3. Surviving with minimal amount of sleep. (you don’t know what tired looks like until you had a baby ! trust me )
  4. Making things disappear. bday-1-12
  5. Driving under a LOT of pressure (I’m talking screaming baby on a dual carriage way with nowhere to stop!)bday-1-10
  6. Loving somebody (literally at first sight) regardless of how many times they wake you up a night.

Motherhood is no walk in the park for sure, but I am so ready for all it’s challenges !

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