Syon Park Wedding : an unforgettable day with Shelley and Oliver

Being a Syon Park wedding photographer has been a dream come true! Shooting in one of London’s top locations was a privilege and the wedding of Shelley and Oliver was truly one for the books. Their day was filled with love, laughter and a whole lot of magic. As always, my aim was to capture it in my style of documentary wedding photography. A style that tells the story of your day in the most authentic and honest possible way.

Couple on their wedding day in front of the great conservatory at Syon Park

A few words about Syon Park

Syon House, a stunning home in London, proudly stands as the residence of the Duke of Northumberland. Interestingly, it was built in the 1500s, right on the site of an old abbey. Over the years, the house has witnessed a multitude of changes, each adding to its rich history. Renowned for its beautiful architecture, Syon House also boasts of its expansive park, Syon Park. Spanning a whopping 200 acres, the park is a sight to behold! Given the beauty of the house and the park, it’s no surprise that many couples choose to have their wedding there. In addition to these features, the house is also home to the Great Conservatory. Constructed in the 1820s, it is believed to be one of the earliest of its kind in the country. All these elements combined make Syon House a truly remarkable place.

Getting ready at Syon House

The convenience of having a Hilton hotel on the premises of Syon Park is a major plus for couples and their guests. The day started with Shelley getting ready here. The anticipation in the air was palpable as she prepared for the biggest day of their lives. Shelley looked stunning in her chosen gown from Sassi Holford. Her eyes sparked with excitement. The atmosphere was so calm and relaxed and I felt like I was among friends. I have met Oliver and Shelley twice before their wedding day at Syon Park and that really helped us build some trust.

First look

The first look between a couple does that a bit of organizing. I know I said I specialize in documentary wedding photography just a minute ago and you might argue that this is a bit of a contradiction. Although I will always lean towards the unposed moments, serving my couples and accommodating everything that is important and meaningful to them is my top priority. Also, first looks are moments are pure emotion. They are always worth putting a little effort into. As Oliver turned around to see Shelley for the first time, his reaction was priceless. A beautiful and intimate moment that I was so honored to capture for them.

Wedding Ceremony at Syon House

The ceremony took place in the heart of Syon Park. The historic architecture provided a stunning backdrop for their vows. The love between Oliver and Shelley was evident as they promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

Syon Park wedding photographer first look
Syon Park wedding photographer ceremony

The wedding reception

The wedding reception took place in the courtyard. The staff at Syon Park made sure that every single transition from one space to another was smooth for all the guests. What followed was a lively affair filled with laughter, lots of hugs and clinking of glasses.

Couple portraits

I would be lying if I says that this wasn’t my absolute favorite part of the day! Being a Syon Park wedding photographer comes with a certain responsibility to make use of all the stunning rooms and the lush outdoors space. Shelley and Oliver made sure to allocate plenty of time for us to explore the grounds and create some beautiful portraits in a very relaxed manner.

The evening at the Great Conservatory

The cherry on the cake and the huge wow factor of the day was the Great Conservatory. We had this breathtaking space to ourselves. You really need to be in to understand what I mean. It really is magnificent and it unique.

Syon Park wedding photographer – the conclusion

I’m not sure there is much left to say. My journey with Shelley and Oliver has been a truly special one. The more I got to know them, the more I liked them. Being there to witness and document their wedding at the gorgeous Syon House was an honor and I am forever grateful.

Huge shout out to the fab suppliers who made the day special!

Cake : https://www.jenscakery.co.uk/

Flowers : https://www.maryjanevaughan.co.uk/

Food : https://foodshowltd.com/

Dress : https://sassiholford.com/

Hair accessories : https://www.dolecka.co.uk/

Make up : https://www.instagram.com/kyra.valentinamua/reels/

Hair : https://www.instagram.com/thebridalstylists/?hl=en

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