I sat down nearly two hours ago with the intent of putting together a beautiful post about motherhood. About it’s beauty, it’s meaning, it’s challenges and rewards. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the right words. I looked through my previous sessions and I admired the strength I managed to capture in my images. So many women, all so different and yet all the same – mothers : you make the world go round!

Instead of going on, I will leave you, as always with a series of images I took of Jess and her two beautiful babies. I love spending time with her as she is such an inspiration. She makes it look so easy, but is not afraid to be honest about how challenging motherhood actually is! You can find her here! 

Mother's Day PhotoshootMother's Day PhotoshootMother's Day PhotoshootMother's Day PhotoshootMotherhoodMotherhodMotherhoodMotherhoodMotherhoodMotherhoodMotherhood

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