I have been away for a little while and I had some time to think and to enjoy a slower pace than usual. I was flying back from Aberdeen when I noticed a book in the airport. It’s called Happiness-How to get into the habit of being happy. First thought was : ” what a cliche”, but then I bought it. I won’t go into any details about this book, but I will say that ever since I picked it up, I started thinking twice about the smallest decisions I make on a daily basis. I tried to consciously let go of any negativity that used to affect me, and I am determined to learn to put myself before everyone else without feeling guilty about it.

Right before taking this much needed break I mentioned, I met a young family. It doesn’t take me long to fall in love with people and to develop a huge admiration for their stories and achievements, but let me tell you, these guys had my heard within seconds. Despite becoming parents less than two weeks ago, they seemed to have it all figured out. And not because they did their homework on “how to be a good parent” but because they are relaxed and humble and GOOD people. And when you are a good person, the universe is going to be good to you in exchange.

The reason why I mentioned the book about happiness and this family within the same post  is because they have both been eye openers which led me to revisit my core values and push myself to dig deep to discover what my version of happiness looks like! Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself so lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing family and to have the life that I have, but it’s so easy at times, to forget and that’s when little reminders in the form of a book or new people come in handy.

I’ll leave you to enjoy some beautiful images of this most inspiring family and I do ask you to take a minute and think about your own happiness and  how can you take it to the next level!

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