Sometimes people ask you do to things a little outside of your comfort zone. And that’s usually when real magic happens.

Nathalie approached me to say that she liked my style and she wanted me to take some photos of her cooking and eating. As soon as I heard that food was gonna be involved, I was intrigued. Joke aside, I said yes and I suddenly felt nervous because, well, it’s not everyday I get to photograph adults without their tiny humans. That’s what I am passionate about and like to think quite good at. When  the little ones are not there, the dynamics change and things can get a little awkward.

Let me tell you, it was not the case with Nathalie! As soon as I got to her place, I felt instantly inspired! I wanted to know everything about her, I wanted to document her every move and I really really wanted to offer her a fun session that she will always remember. Whether I’ve done that, I might never find out, but I sure tried my best.

Nathalie is a busy mum, juggling a family and a career. She is French (so she does have the nicest accent you can imagine and she reminded me of one of my dearest friends who lives in Paris). She is a very talented cook starting up a business based all on organic, healthy living.

Take a look at our day together and let me know what you think!

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