As soon as we become parents, finding time for our other half is pretty difficult. Everything else seems so much more important and we forget that the love we have for each other is the very foundation of this wonderful thing called family.

If you are a new parent, I beg you not to feel for a second that you have to dedicate all your life to your baby. 99.9% of it, absolutely yes! But leave that tiny 0.1% for the person you love and for the person that’s always gonna be there for you and is always going to hold your hand through the toughest moments.

Make time for each other, even when if seems impossible and remember that you are a team and always will be!

I spent an afternoon with Kayla and Ben and of course, we mainly spoke about our babies. They are both such funny people and so they made a lot of jokes and we all had a good time, but the love they have for each other was something that I noticed straight away. The way they look at each other, the way they hold hands and even the way they embarrass each other was proof that they are a match made in heaven.

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