Matara Centre Wedding Photographer| Kunal & Connor

Connor + Kunal

To be a Matara Centre Wedding photographer was without a
doubt one of the biggest highlights of 2023. I didn’t think it can get much better than this until I won a Best of Matara Award!  Not only this stunning and unique Cotswold wedding venue was on my on my bucket list for a while, but to make it all even more special, I got to work with THE best couple and their fabulous carefully selected suppliers.

From the first time we spoke to Timea, we knew she would be our wedding photographer as she was interested in getting to know us as a couple.

Outdoor Ceremony at the Matara

Connor and Kunal are the kind of people who are impossible not to like. After our video call, all I could think about is how much I wanted to be their wedding photographer. Not only because of my love for the Matara Centre, but also because their plans sounded like so much fun. I had a clear vision of how I would capture such a day. And let me tell you, their wedding was nothing short of extraordinary.

It started with that amazing buzz – everyone getting ready – you could feel all the emotions in the air! The couple planned an outdoors ceremony, in front of the main house. When it was time to get going, the heavens opened. Some people would naturally start panicking. But not these guys! There was no plan B and there was zero panic! “We’ll just wait until the rain stops.” I have to say, an attitude like this is not very common on a wedding day. It was so refreshing to witness people embracing the weather and not allowing the elements to ruin their day.

The wedding reception

And then the rain stopped. Of course it did! By the way, did you know that rain on your wedding day means good luck in your marriage? It’s not all that bad after all. Connor and Kunal had a traditional Hindu ceremony. It started with the most exciting entrance, called the Bharaat, followed by an exchange of garlands between the main family members. This is called Milni.

The Bar Bros made sure the cocktails were ready and the whole wedding party headed over to a new area of the Matara Centre to continue the celebrations. The catering company Connor and Kunal chose served the most delicious Indian food! And I can say this with confidence because they looked after me and my second photographer, Sharron so well! They are called Mayur Catering and you can find them here should you wish to hire them for your wedding. Shooting a wedding is hard work and by the end of the day I usually feel not only physically but also mentally drained. Having said that, the party at Connor and Kunals Matara Centre wedding was SO good that neither myself or Sharron wanted to leave.


One thing that remains in our memory is not what people say, or what they do, but how they make us feel. The reason I loved this wedding so much is because not only Connor and Kunal, but their entire family made me feel so welcome and appreciated.

This is the lovely review I got from them on Google :

From the first time we spoke to Timea, we knew she would be our wedding photographer as she was interested in getting to know us as a couple.
Her work speaks for itself – outstanding photos capturing every single moment so when we look back on them we feel all the emotions from the day again.
Timea is so lovely and fun to work with and put us at ease in front of the lens. She really listens and is a passionate photographer. Her creative and innovative style shines through her work and we couldn’t be happier with our gallery, which is just stunning!
Thank you so much Timea.

“We hope that Matara, and the time for reflection you find here, gives you opportunity to focus on what is truly important in life. That you find wonder in the everyday, reconnect with your community and rediscover a sense of tranquility and calm.”

Geoffrey Higgins,





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