As soon as you become a mum, your priorities will change pretty quickly. Putting make-up on and choosing outfits that go together will somehow seem less urgent. I for one, needed a long time to adjust to this new life, but now that I am one and a half years in, I can’t imagine things to be any different. The happiness that a little person brings you is unlike anything else in the world! But if you are a mum already, you know all of this, there is no point in me going on and on about how hard, but rewarding mum life is.

What I wanted to talk to you about was my experience as a photographer and a mum. Before actually starting my business, I took 1 million photos of Mark. To practice, to learn and to refresh my memory as my uni days as a fine art photography student are far behind me. My goal was to be able to offer others the same honest and unposed images I was able to take of my own baby. Of course, if you ever want to hire me, great! Please do! But if you are just a regular mum who doesn’t think hiring a photographer is important, at least make sure that you document your days with your baby! It is so important. We do live in a time where technology is so accessible to us, but don’t just take thousands of photos with your phone for the sake of it! Taking photos with your phone is great, I am not telling you to go an invest in expensive photography gear! Not at all! All I’m trying to say is that when you click to take that photo, take a step back and think for a minute and make sure that take that photo with purpose. Take lots of photos, but think about them for a second and you will notice how much better they will turn out!

I will leave you with some examples of photos I took of Mark. They are a mixture of phone, old camera, new camera, good lenses, bad lenses. Forget about that and just try to see the story they each tell.



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