Cool micro wedding in Bristol

Personally, I love small weddings and in particular, this cool micro wedding in Bristol has my heart. Everything about the day was wonderful. So much joy and laughter and the coolest craft beer powered by Arbor Ales.

Cool couple in Bristol harbourside

Bristol Town Hall Ceremony

Everything about your wedding should reflect your personality. When planning your big day, remember, it’s all about you and your other half. Do things that make you happy because if you’re lucky, you’ll only do it once in your life. Kerry and Dan most certainly did an amazing job planning a unique day. They signed the official papers at Bristol Town Hall and were greeted by their friends and family with confetti as husband and wife.

Confetti at Bristol Town Hall

Walk the walk

One of my favourite things about this cool micro wedding was the walking! Kerry and Dan have planned a beautiful route from the Town Hall to the Harbourside and then to their venue. Movement always adds interest to your photos. Walking, running, dancing, do them all without overthinking it. We were also spoiled for choice when it comes to backdrops.

Cool Bristol couple on their wedding day
Bride on the streets of Bristol

Bristol Harbourside photos

Once we reached a nice spot near the water, it was time to relax. Not for me, but for the bride and groom and their guests. There was something so special about the simplicity of these moments. There was no fancy wedding coordinator telling everyone where to stand and where to look, there was no pressure on what to do. Just a group of close friends and family joining in a celebration of love. Although we were on the streets of Bristol, we had a lot of privacy and everyone was having a wonderful time.

Cool Brisol bride
Cool bride and groom in Bristol

Cool micro wedding in Bristol – the portraits

As I mentioned earlier, movement is key when it comes to great photos. My style is all about interaction over perfect posing. Laughter over serious faces. Quirky ideas over traditional portraits. The fact that we walked all the way to Montpelier meant that numerous great photo opportunities came up and Kerry and Dan were up for having some fun and didn’t hold back. I loved the fact that they both wore their shades (yes it was a super sunny day) and I absolutely adored Kerrys dress! She got so many compliments from random strangers!

Cool couple on the streets of Bristol
Cool micro wedding vibes in Bristol

Unique wedding venue in Bristol

Kerry and Dan picked the most amazing venue to fit in with their big day! Drum roll!

Cool micro wedding venue in Bristol

Jamaica street stores, a modern, family owned, British kitchen and bar serving local, seasonal, sustainably focused fare. The staff was so friendly and the general vibe of the place was very relaxed, just like the newly wed couple. My time with them ended here, but this uber-cool micro wedding in Bristol is one of my favourite wedding I ever shot! Words are not my forte, but I hope that these images will give you an idea of how special it all was.

Cool Bristol wedding venue
Cool couple at Bristol wedding venue

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