Coed weddings photographer

Coed weddings photographer


Second time as a Coed weddings photographer found me capturing a day that was nothing short of extraordinary!

If you think that an aerial hoop performance and a wedding don’t mix, think again!

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“Coed Weddings is not your stereotypical venue that follows the sterile expectations of a 5 star stately home or luxurious hotel. We are not an all-night party venue and have sensible closing times to respect our neighbours and the needs of the onsite community. “

From the time we first spoke to Timea we knew she was the right photographer for us.

This is what Jay and Laura said :

We loved her photography and she was so so friendly. By the time we met on the day of our wedding celebration it felt like having a friend there taking our photos. We had a great laugh with her and it was a pleasure to have her there- all our guests remarked how lovely she was. She was super organised and efficient in getting all the important photos too, it was totally painless getting 100 people in shot! We were so impressed with the photos- Timea is such a talented photographer! She really captured every special moment (whilst being very stealth and undercover on the day) and the colour and composition of her work is really beautiful. We also had circus performances and Timea’s performance photography was INCREDIBLE, most impressive of all it was the first time she’d done it- she has real talent!

Coed wedding photographer
Coed weddings photographer | Timea Danci


Nestled in the heart of Wales, Coed provided the perfect backdrop for Jay and Laura’s union. The ceremony was a symphony of emotions, with laughter and tears weaving through the air. Jay and Laura’s love radiated as they exchanged vows. As a Coed weddings photographer, my focus was on the candid moments that made Jay and Laura’s celebration unique. And speaking of uniqueness, an unexpected and delightful twist awaited guests – a beautiful circus performance gracefully unfolded during the wedding day, adding a touch of enchantment to the festivities.

We were so impressed with the photos- Timea is such a talented photographer!

– JAy + Laura



Coed weddings photographer



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Timea x