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Baby portrait

Lifestyle family session

Nothing brings me more joy within my work than a returning client. Seeing a family grow, new parents becoming more confident, babies developing new skills and changing with the blink of an eye. It really is a privilege! It often feels like visiting some old friends for a catch up and the fact that they […]


The Eden Project

Last weekend we escaped to Cornwall to celebrate my birthday. I have never been ( I know! How is that possible !?) so I was over the moon to explore one of the most beautiful parts of England. Weeks before we even booked our cottage, Andrew started mentioning this so called Eden Project: “we must […]


Girl power

A little while ago, when Mark started teething I looked into teething jewellery – a complete mystery to me up until that point. I ordered a pretty necklace from a small business called HexNex. I posted a photo on Instagram, tagged them in it and so my friendship with Laura began. Last week we met […]


My first year of being a mum.

Don’t worry. I am not going to start talking about the challenges this year has brought, or about how it’s all worth it because a baby changes your life in the best possible way. no. I just wanted to share a few cute photos from Mark’s first birthday and highlight a few superpowers I have […]