love is in the air

I know I spoke about this before, but I wanted to tell you again why I love lifestyle photography SO much! First of all, what is lifestyle photography? Sitting down in front of the camera in the photographer’s studio and waiting for him/her to say cheese, while feeling just a little bit awkward –  yeah, […]


Family lifestyle photoshoot

Family lifestyle photshoot   I have always believed that there is nothing more precious in this life than family. Because we are always so busy it is easy to forget to slow down and just live in the moment. Sometimes we must stop and enjoy long embraces, walk together, hold hands, smile, share jokes and […]


The Eden Project

Last weekend we escaped to Cornwall to celebrate my birthday. I have never been ( I know! How is that possible !?) so I was over the moon to explore one of the most beautiful parts of England. Weeks before we even booked our cottage, Andrew started mentioning this so called Eden Project: “we must […]


Girl power

A little while ago, when Mark started teething I looked into teething jewellery – a complete mystery to me up until that point. I ordered a pretty necklace from a small business called HexNex. I posted a photo on Instagram, tagged them in it and so my friendship with Laura began. Last week we met […]


My gear

I always thought that if you want to take good photos, you need lots and lots of lenses and a fancy camera. This was until I became a part of the BEST community of photographers EVER . The Unraveled Academy ( check them out here! ) has changed my perspective on what a good photo looks […]


My first year of being a mum.

Don’t worry. I am not going to start talking about the challenges this year has brought, or about how it’s all worth it because a baby changes your life in the best possible way. no. I just wanted to share a few cute photos from Mark’s first birthday and highlight a few superpowers I have […]