On birth photography

There is nothing and I mean NOTHING more precious than bringing new life into this world! Very often, it can become the highlight of our lives. These days people hire photographers for their engagement, wedding, birthday, you name it! But when I mention birth photography to even my friends and family, I can instantly tell that they are mortified.

I am not going to lie, it annoys me every time.

While I can understand that it might not be for everybody, birth photography is the MOST beautiful and honest type of photography that exists. Let me explain. First of all, it is NOT a biology lesson. Couples can choose to leave out certain parts of the delivery process and only include the hugs, the tears and smiles, the tight grip of each other’s hand, their support network and of course those very first moments of the miracle they have witnessed! This is the beauty of hiring a birth photographer: you can pick and choose the moments YOU want to remember for the rest of your life.

It is the most honest style of photography because, well, there is no posing or smiling at the camera. All the moments captured are raw and genuine and as a mother, looking back at those images, you will realise that what you have done, is pure magic.

My mission:

I am committed to convince the world that birth is beautiful and should not be censored. Through my work, I want to show that bringing life into the world is nothing to be ashamed of! As the memory of your birth story will fade, you will be able to rummage through a box full of old things and find an album or perhaps a more private memory stick and take a journey back in time to when you have done something extraordinary. I can guarantee you that NOBODY who’s ever hired a birth photographer had any regrets about doing so.

What will I offer you:

If you like the idea of documenting your most precious day, please get in touch! Talking to me does not mean you have to commit. We will meet for a coffee and get to know each other a little. You can bring your partner along or we can have some girly time to start with. Once/if you have decided to go forward, I will prepare a little package with some useful info and questions for you and your partner and this will be a great time for you to ask me ANYTHING as we prepare for your big day.

Two weeks before and for two weeks after your due date I will be on call 24/7! This means no wine on a Friday night, no leaving town, childcare in place, phone on super loud day and night, camera bag ready, snacks packed! As soon as I get the call from you, I will be with you within half an hour. I will only bring my camera bag and lots and lots of respect with me! This day is all about you and by the end of it, you won’t even notice I was there!

I currently offer my services at an introductory rate of £500. This includes as mentioned above, my availability and 100% commitment to being on call 24/7 around your due date, minimum of 100 high quality images and a password protected online gallery available for 30 days.

Be brave, do something extraordinary that will put a smile on your face for the rest of your life, get in touch and let’s create some beautiful images together.